Artist Room Berlin – a fresh approach to hairdressing supplies

Sascha Haseloff, Gründer von Artist Room Berlin

Ever since qualifying as a hairdresser, I have been on a constant search for the right equipment and thus the perfect tools of the trade for my work as a stylist and an artist.

Whenever I could, I would check out what other hairdressers and artists were using and try to see which of their tools might work for me. Most of the time it was the beginning of a lengthy hunt, either online or at countless hairdressing suppliers. 

It was precisely this time-consuming research that led us to launch Artist Room Berlin.

Sascha Haseloff, cofounder of Artist Room Berlin

Our simple idea – to save hairdressers the arduous search and to offer all the vital tools of the trade in one place – has now become reality, and it’s all thanks to the hard work put in by our team, which includes my fellow cofounder Norman Drewitz, an eCommerce expert who fortunately happens to be one of my oldest friends.

Expertise and cooperation with many nationally and internationally renowned artists have helped us to gradually expand our range of products.

If you think something is missing from our store, please get in touch with us. We would be delighted to hear from you!

Work with tools made for the pros

Every hairdresser and stylist around the world should be able to enjoy working with the best tools around – useless implements lying idle in the kits, cases and drawers of hairstylists everywhere will be a thing of the past. Instead, professionals will simply need the most essential tools – those that deliver on their promise.


We have designed and developed all our products ourselves, together with renowned stylists such as Sascha Haseloff and Pascal Kauert.


They are some of the finest hairstylists around, and their experience has influenced the development of our products – from the choice of material to the ergonomics and, of course, the design. 


Find out more about the ARTISTS.

Value for money and a joy to work with

Anyone can make good tools with a high price tag. But offering high quality at a fair and decent price is what matters.


We at Artist Room Berlin go the extra mile and offer high quality products at almost unbelievably affordable prices, such as our SH-1professional high-end hairdressing scissors made from Japanese cobalt steel.