The ARB Styling Brush in the style of a Denman brush is particularly suitable for blow-drying the roots to get a calm hairstyle shape. Short hair can be perfectly shaped with the 7-row styling brush. The 9-row styling brush is easy to use for medium and long hair. The heat-resistant nylon bristles are embedded in an antistatic rubber cushion which prevents the hair from static charging. The spherical ends of the nylon bristles ensure a comfortable feeling on the scalp. Both sizes are made of high-quality material, so they are super light and, thanks to the ergonomic design, allow a simple and relaxed way of working.


Sascha Haseloff recommends blow-drying in 2 steps.


Step 1 blow-dry and calm the roots with the ARB styling brush

Step 2 blow-dry and soothe the hair surface of lengths and ends with the High Shine Bristle Brush.

ARB Styling Brush