Our No Crease Hair Clips can be left in without causing any unwanted creases, making them ideal for every hairstylist and makeup artist.




Whether you are sectioning off hair, fixing a shape while styling or need a helping hand when applying makeup, these clips are highly versatile.



They are also unique: our No Crease Clips are guaranteed to hold hair in place without leaving any marks on dry hair.


Dividing clips for hair cutting and styling


  • Stay in place even while blow-drying – and won’t crease hair
  • Also perfect for makeup artists
  • Available in two different sizes (small and large)


Small: EUR 6.50 (four per pack) 6cm

Large: EUR 8.00 (four per pack) 7cm
XL: EUR 0.00 (four per pack) 8cm

No Crease Clips