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PK-1 are professional hairdressing scissors that are especially comfortable to hold thanks to a combination of a linear design and ergonomically shaped handles.



These professional hairdressing scissors ensure a high level of precision – after all, the model owes its name and first-class performance to cutting expert Pascal Kauert.



The rounded tip makes it easier to construct distinct contours and the countersunk screw ensures nothing gets in the way when cutting underneath a comb.


  • These professional hairdressing scissors are six inches long
  • Cutting blades sharpened by hand
  • Premium Japanese cobalt steel
  • Sharpness that lasts
  • Countersunk adjustment screw
  • Rubber bumpers ensure a soft, quiet cut
  • Ergonomic shape ensures easy handling
  • Perfect for slicing and blunt cuts
  • Angled tip allows you to safely work close to the skin
  • Ideal for precisely cut contours
  • PK-1 model is also a great tool for barbers
  • These scissors are delivered in a stylish case

PK-1 Profi Friseurschere by Pascal Kauert

  • Our scissors are made from Japanese cobalt (VG10 steel) and manufactured exclusively by hand – from their initial construction to the final touches.


    VG10 is a premium stainless steel of the highest quality that can be sharpened to deliver a razor-sharp cutting edge.

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