SH-1 is an all-round haircutting tool: these scissors do it all – from sharp, precise cuts to textured styles.


Our international cutting expert Sascha Haseloff is the man behind these exceptionally ergonomic hairdressing scissors.



Not only do they allow you to craft round outlines and clean shapes simply and easily, these scissors can also be used for slice and point cutting techniques. The countersunk screw ensures nothing gets in the way when cutting underneath a comb.



Our scissors are made from Japanese cobalt (VG10 steel) and manufactured exclusively by hand – from their initial construction to the final touches.


  • These professional hairdressing scissors are six inches long
  • Hand-forged
  • Cutting blades sharpened by hand
  • Premium Japanese cobalt steel
  • Sharpness that lasts
  • Countersunk adjustment screw
  • Rubber bumpers ensure a soft, quiet cut
  • Ergonomic shape ensures easy handling
  • Perfect for slicing and blunt cuts
  • Angled tip allows you to work safely close to the skin
  • Ideal for precisely cut contours
  • These scissors are delivered in a stylish case


SH-1 Professional Hairdressing Scissors by Sascha Haseloff